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  • Who is Collectibles NJ and what do we do?

    We are a professional internet resale company servicing the New Jersey and greater northeastern area. We buy various collections from private individuals auctions or estates. We specialize in buying bulk lots and in dealing items from the “Collectibles” genre. We can offer a specialization in many items that others simply can not.  We offer estate services, consignment and direct purchasing depending on the nature of your collection and your exact needs. The following is a partial list of items we purchase or are interested in purchasing.

    • Antique Toys
    • Vintage Toys
    • Modern Toys
    • Lladros
    • Hummel
    • Lionel Trains
    • Slot Cars
    • Costume Jewelry
    • Dolls
    • Comic Books
    • Baseball Cards
    • Autographs
    • Sports Memorabilia
    • Movie Memorabilia
    • Action Figures
    • Models & Kits
    • Decorative Collectibles
    • Musical Instruments
    • Video Games Vintage to Modern
    • Sci-Fi Memorabilia and toys

    We buy many items not listed here please contact us if you have a collection of anything collectible! Collectibles NJ is the only company of its kind in New Jersey and has experience selling or liquidating some of the biggest collections the state has ever seen including.

    1930s-1950s Fashion Doll collection (1400 pieces total Inventoried appraised and sold in 6 weeks)

    Huge raw baseball autograph collection (2500 items inventoried authenticated and sold in 6 weeks)

    Complete GI JOE ARAH Loose Collection (Shipped 60 large cartons across the country)

    Lawsuit Guitar Collection (Over 30 guitars sold in 5 days!)

    Rare Bisque Doll Collection (37 dolls sold, packed and shipped)

    These are only a few, we sell an average of 1,000 items every month and are available to come to your location to evaluate and make an offer on your collection. We can be reached by phone at 848-260-0404 or via email at You can also leave a message here in the bottom of this page and do not worry we won’t publicize your information. If you need to sell collectibles in NJ you need Collectibles NJ today!

    Your NJ collectibles specialists!


  • Welcome to Collectibles NJ!

    Collectibles NJHere at collectibles NJ we like to discuss, buy, sell and trade all kinds of collectibles. A TRUE Collectibles Crossroads for residents of NJ, the country and around the world! We are resellers who make our living through a combination of  Storage Wars, American Pickers and Barter Kings!

    In the weeks to come I will be bringing you stories or rare items we find. Riveting tales of auctions, estate and lien sales as well as private buys and more. We will feature tons of working resellers, collectors and more stories and news from the industry. We will link in interesting stories in the realm of anything collectible not just in NJ but in the world. Here at Collectibles NJ we hope to build a community and connect a lot of buyers with a lot of sellers.

    We will be listing some guides to rare items we have particular experience with in the coming weeks. Most of these items it was very hard for us to put an exact value on at the time. Our hope is now that we have already done the work you won’t have to! Our rare collectible item guides are our first hand experiences with both buying and selling these items. When we first started we were so lost with noone really willing to provide very much in the way of helping us learn. Count on us to help you out, entertain and maybe we can all make a couple of bucks along the way here at collectibles NJ.

    We are planning on adding classifieds and a forum to the site and having plenty of interesting folks come write some articles and stories for us. We are always open to comments, suggestions or any interesting business proposals. Feel free to contact us or leave a comment on our pists as we welcome interaction and think it helps to enrich the experience for everyone involved.

    So stay tuned to collectibles NJ your new one stop New Jersey collectors site..


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  • Collectibles as Speculative investments

    Today I have decided to talk a little bit about the business side of buying and selling collectibles. To start lets define what quantifies a collectible as a speculative investment and how people make money with them.


    This is the process of taking advantage of an existing or perceived price difference between two marketplaces. Some examples of this are known as “thrifting” or “picking” in which the objective is to purchase items at a cheaper price than what they would sell for on the internet. You have to be careful to factor your expense of business which consists of the cost to facilitate a sale at your superior price. On auction sites this will include paying fees and shipping costs and materials. Many stores and those who travel to trade shows as merchants purchase items online to sell in person at their stores or convention stops. Arbitrage also exists between auction sales and buy it now offerings. It is entirely feasible to buy items on auction and sell those same items on buy it now while making a sustainable margin of profit. How much of a profit you will need in exchange for your time is ultimately up to the individual


    This is the process of placing a bet on an item based on a possible future spike in value. Some of the ways you can practice these are by keeping track of major media movements in relations to items.

    I.E. Is there a new movie, album, show or book coming out that could increase demand for a particular item? Is the news covering a particular person or group? Is the item a 1/1 collectible with a high ceiling?

    Many autograph dealers and collectors will stock pile actors and famous persons when issues are reported with their health. This is morbid but true and profitable at times. A death can turn a hot commodity nuclear in autographs.

    Athletes as Stocks:

    The best example I have was purchasing several LOW RUN #’d Matt Harvey, Andrew Luck, RG3 and others chase cards before they ever played a game. I payed at the top of the market for them and when they both won week 1 playoff games I got 500% on top for them in the interim before week 2. Made 1000% on my Matt Harvey stuff when he started the all star game and got out just before he went in for Tommy John surgery.

    There is something to be learned in the fact that a low number Bryce Harper RC Auto card used to go for $1600 and now bottoms out around $200 and that is make sure you land on the right side of the swings. I never hesitate to cut loss if I feel I could bleed a lot of value in the near future. Some items will never go back up and if you overpaid free up that capital and move on!

    Some other tactics that lead to the POTENTIAL for profits include

    Supply and Demand – Having the only 1 of something allows you to set the market pricing for an item. Whether someone will pay your market price, that is another story..

    Completion Factor – Assembling multiple pieces of a hard to find collection or theme can increase the value of the sum of the parts

    There is a lot of gamble in this kind of speculation and to be honest it can be as or more volatile than the stock market. Make sure you only spec on a bankroll that is comfortable for you and treat it like any other high risk investment. Do your homework!


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