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    1789 New Jersey 27 (Lincoln Highway), Edison, NJ 08817  (LOCATED IN THE EDISON PACK AND SHIP)


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    We are happy to announce that we have opened a location that is  open to the public. We will be available to appraise and make offers to buy your collectible items at our location. We are available by appointment and will allow walk-ins during the following schedule.

    • Sunday (by appointment)
    • Monday (by appointment)
    • Tuesday (by appointment)
    • Wednesday (by appointment)
    • Thursday (by appointment)
    • Friday  (by appointment)
    • Saturday CLOSED

  • Welcome to Collectibles NJ!

    Collectibles NJHere at collectibles NJ we like to discuss, buy, sell and trade all kinds of collectibles. A TRUE Collectibles Crossroads for residents of NJ, the country and around the world! We are resellers who make our living through a combination of  Storage Wars, American Pickers and Barter Kings!

    In the weeks to come I will be bringing you stories or rare items we find. Riveting tales of auctions, estate and lien sales as well as private buys and more. We will feature tons of working resellers, collectors and more stories and news from the industry. We will link in interesting stories in the realm of anything collectible not just in NJ but in the world. Here at Collectibles NJ we hope to build a community and connect a lot of buyers with a lot of sellers.

    We will be listing some guides to rare items we have particular experience with in the coming weeks. Most of these items it was very hard for us to put an exact value on at the time. Our hope is now that we have already done the work you won’t have to! Our rare collectible item guides are our first hand experiences with both buying and selling these items. When we first started we were so lost with noone really willing to provide very much in the way of helping us learn. Count on us to help you out, entertain and maybe we can all make a couple of bucks along the way here at collectibles NJ.

    We are planning on adding classifieds and a forum to the site and having plenty of interesting folks come write some articles and stories for us. We are always open to comments, suggestions or any interesting business proposals. Feel free to contact us or leave a comment on our pists as we welcome interaction and think it helps to enrich the experience for everyone involved.

    So stay tuned to collectibles NJ your new one stop New Jersey collectors site..


    VISIT Collectibles NJ EBAY Store

  • Rare Bisque Antique German Character Doll Collection for Sale in NJ

    We have recently acquired a beautiful collection of rare turn of the century German and French bisque character dolls. These dolls are very sought after for their beauty and legendary craftsmanship. We have many rare sizes and molds. They are on auction on ebay currently. You can visit our ebay store here COLLECTIBLESNJ

    We have dolls from the following master doll makers


    • Simon Halbig
    • Kammer Reinhardt
    • Swaine Co
    • Armand Marsielles
    • Fulper

    Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in these dolls or if you have a collection to sell.


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  • Vintage Guitar Collection For Sale on Ebay

    Hey there collectibles fans, collectible Kevin here. We recently acquired from an estate this collection of 1970s – 1980s lawsuit guitars.  Feel free to email us or check us out on ebay if you have an interest in buying or selling vintage or modern instruments. We have some very rare finishes on these too. We are featuring the following brands.


    • DEANS
    • BC RICH
    • GITANO
    • CORTEZ

    We can be contacted via phone @ 848 260 0404848 260 0404

    We can be contacted via emal @

    Also feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page we will never publicize this information.

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    The Renwal visible V8 is an extremely rare plastic model kit produced in the 1960s. It is a 1/6 scale working model of an actual automobile engine. Considered one of the most difficult models ever produced many of them were cast aside partially constructed or thrown in the trash. The Visible Chassis was subsequently released and is unbelievably rare to see even the empty box for them. The visible airplane engine is so rare that it is literally the only one known for sale at the current time in the United States. We also have a couple of higher end POCHER Alfa Romeo models and accurate European made kits. Don’t miss this opportunity to own some of the rarest models ever seen!

    Our Renwal auctions start at NO RESERVE most at 0.99 We were lucky enough to get multiple kits and have both sets and parts available for purchase through our website and our ebay store.

    We currently have several of these for sale on and off ebay. We also have other expert level models for sale including all of the following:


    The Renwal Visible Airplane Engine

    The Renwal Visible V8 Engine

    The Renwal Visible Chassis

    The Revell Visible Turbo

    The Revell Visible V8

    The Revell Rocket Ship Launch 1/144

    The Renwal Visible Man

    The Renwal Visible Woman

    The Renwal Visible Dog

    The Renwal Visible Wankel Rotary

    As well as some other odds and ends from the expert model genre. If you are interested in these items please contact us using the form below this post. We will not make your information public and will get in tough with you very quickly. We are always buying collections of antique and vintage toys and other collectible items. Feel free to get in touch if interested in our items or services.

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