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  • Collectibles NJ Sells Huge Golden & Silver Age Comic Collection Pre Code Marvel DC

    With all the Marvel and DC movies rolling out and blockbusters like The Avengers: Infinity war shattering records at the box office it is no surprise that the comic books these characters and story lines are being based on are currently at an all time high in demand. We are please to announce that we will be liquidating this amazing collection books in NJ. This collection was a legacy passed down from generations and even includes the 1st appearance of the Flash. While many of the book are lower to mid grade there are definitely some rare gems in the mix

    Our client had previously listened to cash offers and was insulted by the amount of money dealers were wiling to pay. Unable to do the work themselves they hired New Jersey;s number one liquidation firm, Collectibles NJ specializes in the sorting and selling of comic collections via the internet and uses the most state of the are advertising techniques available to reach serious comic book collectors.

    To see the collection on EBAY click here!

    The current comic market has undergone quite a shake up as demand for even over produced books in higher grade conditions has skyrocketed. It is important to know what you have and how it should be valued. We have in this sale featured the following first appearances, Aquaman, Hawkman, Superboy, Supergirl, The Flash, Space Ranger. The collection is just over 4,000 books. One the marvel side we have the first appearance of Kingpin, Shocker,Moebius, Defenders and more.

    A large chunk of the 1955 and pre section is in the very rare space and Sci-fi comic genre. These pre-code comics take a special expertise to identify appraise grade and sell. If you would like to sell your comic books collection in NJ or anywhere in the country feel free to reach out and have a conversation with our owner directly. Here are some highlights!


    showcase #4 1st appearance of the Flash (silver Age)

  • Collectibles NJ Sells Large Silkstone Barbie Doll Collection Ends Today

    One of the most collectible toys ever created is the iconic Barbie doll. Since 1959 this fashion doll has been desired by collectors. When someone needs to sell a barbie collection in NJ there are several factors we will consider. The most collectible barbies are by far from the 1960s. The original ponytail barbie, the bubble cut & the twist & turn are some of the most iconic and valuable. The accessories and clothing can even be worth as much or more then the dolls. The 1970s era barbies have some valuable pieces as well. Once the 1980s gets started there are only a handful of dolls that have a real collectible value due to the overwhelming popularity and overproduction and sheer amount of collecting that went on during this era.


    In the 2000s, Mattel re-branded its flagship product by creating the barbie collector label. During this production period barbies were released with labels denoting the amount of dolls produced and creating a new collector market based on the limited edition of the dolls. The labels are Pink, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Black being the rarest. By doing this Mattel effectively returned the investment value to their higher end toy lines.

    When trying to sell a barbie collection in NJ its important to deal with a company that can maximize your profits. We have a unique sales platform that can guarantee that we can get you more return on your collection then any vendor making a cash offer. If you would like to discuss selling your barbie collection please feel free to reach out to us via our phone or e-mail. All of our information is on the upper right hand side of the page. You may also use the form in the bottom of this page to make a comment that will remain private


  • Hot toys & Sideshow Toy & Statue Sale Closes Tomorrow

    Visit our ebay store to bid now

    Hot Toys and Sideshow collectibles encompass some of the hottest items in today’s market. These exclusive editions and rare toys are rarely listed at genuine no reserve auctions. With this 17 piece collection featuring the Avengers and Star Wars these are some of the most investment worthy properties. The Infinity War just came out  this weekend so don’t miss your chance to own some of Marvels coolest super heroes. We have Captain America, The Hulk and the Black Widow in stock and ready to ship to the winning bidder.

    For those not familiar Hot Toys are Adult intended premium action figures. They are articulated every where a human would be anatomically. They are frequently posed and displayed in front of backgrounds either in real life or photoshop to create scenes or re-create iconic scenes from the film. The quality of these figures is unrivaled. Sideshow who also distributes the Hot Toys brand makes some of the most distinctive art quality sculptures in the genre. Their exclusive editions are often prized for their scarcity and are often appreciable in value

    If you have a similar collection and would like information about our liquidation services please feel free to reach out to us via any of the links on this page or via the comment form at the bottom. If you do not have time to sell your Hot Toys and sideshow figures yourself we would love to tell you what we have to offer. You can also reach us via email or on the phone 7 days a week using the contact information on the top right hand side of the page. We have sold many collections and have a particular specialty in this genre. Our service is boutique offering personal attention to all of our clients.

  • Unrestored 1 18 Diecast Sale Closing Tomorrow Classified Dreams & NAP Hobby

    We handle many of the largest sales in NJ for diecast cars and get our customers more then any of these “FAST MONEY” outlets. They simply cannot provide the returns we can through our sale process. Plus imagine mailing a few metric tons and finding out you don’t like their offer?

    We are proud to present for your consideration the Roselle Park Mopar Model Madness Sale. Located on our ebay store we have over 280 auctions closing for Sunday.

    These cars are each machined by the original manufacturer and artist modified to appear as totally unrestored muscle. We have American Muscle, Ertl, Autoart, UT, Highway 61 and more in this sale. We also have a rare and interesting assortment of hard to find Yat-ming Sunstar and rough roads in the 1:18 scale.

    Some of the most unique in diecast cars are the convention only totally custom dioramas created by Classified Dreams. These unrestored cars feature popular mopar and big time muscle along with a little story of how they were discovered and newspaper ads depicting them for sale. We have just shy of 300 regular, custom and UNRESTORED diecast cars for sale on our ebay account this week. Here are some of our favorite unrestored rides!

    You can bid on these cars and many many more here at THE COLLECTIBLESNJ EBAY STORE. Mention finding this in our Saturday announcements and we will give you free shipping on your auction win. If you have a similar collection of 1:18 diecast cars you would to sell and would like to be considered by our company please feel free to reach out through this post. We can also be reached by email and phone, the number and address are on the top right corner of the page. We never publicize any information so be assured your inquiry will be handled professionally from contact to contract with Collectibles NJ!