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  • Unrestored 1 18 Diecast Sale Closing Tomorrow Classified Dreams & NAP Hobby

    We handle many of the largest sales in NJ for diecast cars and get our customers more then any of these “FAST MONEY” outlets. They simply cannot provide the returns we can through our sale process. Plus imagine mailing a few metric tons and finding out you don’t like their offer?

    We are proud to present for your consideration the Roselle Park Mopar Model Madness Sale. Located on our ebay store we have over 280 auctions closing for Sunday.

    These cars are each machined by the original manufacturer and artist modified to appear as totally unrestored muscle. We have American Muscle, Ertl, Autoart, UT, Highway 61 and more in this sale. We also have a rare and interesting assortment of hard to find Yat-ming Sunstar and rough roads in the 1:18 scale.

    Some of the most unique in diecast cars are the convention only totally custom dioramas created by Classified Dreams. These unrestored cars feature popular mopar and big time muscle along with a little story of how they were discovered and newspaper ads depicting them for sale. We have just shy of 300 regular, custom and UNRESTORED diecast cars for sale on our ebay account this week. Here are some of our favorite unrestored rides!

    You can bid on these cars and many many more here at THE COLLECTIBLESNJ EBAY STORE. Mention finding this in our Saturday announcements and we will give you free shipping on your auction win. If you have a similar collection of 1:18 diecast cars you would to sell and would like to be considered by our company please feel free to reach out through this post. We can also be reached by email and phone, the number and address are on the top right corner of the page. We never publicize any information so be assured your inquiry will be handled professionally from contact to contract with Collectibles NJ!








  • WWF WWE WCW ECW NWA Wrestling belts – Adult Replicas For Sale on eBay this week

    Hey, Collectibles Fans!

    We are back from our holiday vacation and proud to present the first premium lot of 2018 for sale. Here we have a collection of high quality and limited edition WWE WWF WCW ECW NWA UFC metal adult sized belts. These belts are prized for their authentic look and sheer bad-assery. Made of real leather with brass plates these items are US made and genuine prop quality. I mean MAN! are these cool. We are auctioning these bad boys off starting at 0.99 with no reserve just like all of our items. The HOLY GRAILS of wrestling collecting all at once and all at no reserve? That’s right!

    Do not miss your chance to find all of these in one place at one time, this includes personalized and stamped belts from John Cena, Billy Gunn, The Ultimate Warrior and more. We combine shipping and offer local pickup as well if you are NJ local. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. This auction ends 1-21-2018 so do not delay in putting in your bid and show your wrestling pride with these investment value collectible items. Many have been releathered and the plates are in great condition. Some are even rare custom show variants.

    If you have a similar collection of items that needs specialty attention please feel free to reach out via email, phone or on the comment form on the bottom of the page. You can rest assured we do not collect nor make public any of your information and we would love to hear from you.


    We have some of the absolute rarest, impossible and just plain hardest to find belts available this week. WWE WWF WCW NWA are some of the featured pieces. Please visit our ebay store here: COLLECTIBLES NJ EBAY STORE