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1853 Enfield Pattern TOWER 1961 3 Band Musket Civil War Rifle for Sale in NJ (SOLD!!)

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1853 Enfield P For Sale in NJ $700 or BEST OFFER
1853 Enfield Pattern (Birmingham Made based on the Crown) Commercial production based on the lack or a VR mark with the crown. 1861 TOWER indicating it was a military grade weapon. Provenance is familial and traceable. I have a name of the soldier who carried it although not his affiliation (Confederate or Union).

It is missing the Ramrod and one band. Aside from that appears original and complete. Condition appears VG+ to EX. These guns particularly prized by civil war RE-ENACTORS who want to make the production look as genuine as possible. Please contact us via the form in the bottom of this post if you are interested in buying a 1853 Enfield Pattern Musket Rifle.