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1960s Bela Lugosi DRACULA Original Monster Movie Poster


This is one of the coolest items we have had come into us. These DOOR SIZE posters were ordered out of the back of magazines in the 1950s and 60s. They are extremely rare to find in any displayable condition. We had the good fortune to run into these as part of an estate buyout in NJ. People will pay HUGE coin for original movie items from these monster movies of the era. Poster number one features Bela Lugosi as Dracula. The second is an original monster movie poster from the movie Frankenstein. What awesome classic items! My apologies on the poor photo quality here our fluorescent lighting made a visible glare no matter where we tried to photograph them. These are actually for sale on ebay right now. Past sales of these have ranged from $300 in decent condition to $1000 in dead mint.


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Bela Lugosi Dracula Poster1960s Bela Lugosi Movie Poster  1960s Frankenstein Movie PosterOriginal Frankenstein Movie  Poster