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$50,000 Mel Ott Bat Stolen at National Sports Collectors Convention

Mel Ott BAt

Imagine if you have just purchased one of the rarest bats on the planet. Imagine you spent $50,000 on this bat only to have it stolen before you ever even got to hold the bat. This was the story for one man. Scott F. had purchased the bat of legendary slugger Mel Ott. Mel Ott bats are amongst the hardest bats to find in the hobby. This bat also had impressive provenance being hand delivered to the auction house by Ott’s daughter directly. After winning the auction Scott paid a courier to hand deliver it to the John Taube booth at the 2012 convention. Soon after its arrival it would be snatched by persons unknown. While it is important to note that John Taube and his insurers stood behind it and covered the value of the bat. Anyone who understands the rarity of this bat knows it cannot be replaced. What followed was an amazing campaign to notify all buyers, auction houses and other collectors that he could. A piece this rare would be impossible to sell without the knowledge that it was stolen. Over 10 long months nothing further was heard about this Mel Ott bat. Than one day out of the blue it was anonymously returned to the authenticator via USPS mail. Scott F would get the call and was thrilled to hear that the bat had been returned. We asked Scott for comment and he replied with the following

“I guess miracles do happen. Throughout the ordeal, I was grateful for the support of fellow collectors. I am also grateful that whomever took it apparently had a change of heart and did the right thing in the end by returning it. That helps restore the faith and gives me a sense of forgiveness. Consequently, I am no longer pursuing the case. This story had a rare happy ending”


Great to hear this bat is now back in the hands of its rightful owner and this story did have a happy ending.