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About Collectibles NJ

About collectibles NJ

Do you watch storage wars? American Pickers? Pawn Stars? Love these shows?

We live them everyday!!! We are REAL LIFE Pickers and Storage Warriors! We are barter kings when we have to be!

We have been in the collectibles business forĀ  a couple of years now and over that time we have built a lot of connections. The hardest thing when we were starting out was figuring out how to acquire a solid network to do business with. Contrary to what many television shows will have you believe you will find its not necessarily easy to find experts to look at your niche items let alone for free.

Our vision with this page is to create a community of NJ State collectors to help on another in appraising, identifying and discussing the many great items we buy sell and collect. With this vision it was we created the website collectibles NJ


We also buy and consign items ourselves. While we might not be buyers on everything you have we might know someone who is!

We are a registered business in the state of New Jersey.


BP Auction Treasures Corp is our business name. We are based out of Edison / Metuchen NJ


Services provided include

  • Appraisals
  • Estate Sale Services
  • Buying/Selling of ANYTHING Collectible
  • Consignments


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