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Customer Testamonials

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3 Responses to Customer Testamonials

  1. My family had a huge doll collection of about 500 old, collectable dolls. We didn’t know where to begin to sell them. When I contacted this company, I spoke with Kevin. He came to my parents house and took pictures and information of each one of the 500 dolls in the collection. It took him hours and hours. Then he went home and researched our collection and gave us an appraisal. He purchased the collection and we felt great knowing he was not ripping us off. A few other people came to look at the collection and didn’t research anything or take pictures, all they did was try to steal our collection at a very low price. I couldn’t be happier working with Kevin. Whenever I have anything to sell that is valuable, I will always contact Kevin.He is honest and trustworthy!

  2. Avatar Joseph Stahl
    Joseph Stahl says:

    A few years ago, my wife and I inherited over 100 Madame Alexander dolls (plus some assorted Ginny dolls and other dolls). They have been taking up about 1/4 of our attic ever since. Our 9 year old daughter has been begging for her own room. She shares a tiny bedroom with her younger sister, and we feel bad for her. We were faced with the decision of either looking for a new house, or getting rid of the doll collection so we could convert half of the attic into a room for her. We started doing research on the dolls, and weren’t looking forward to the daunting, time-consuming task of posting them on eBay, and shipping them out. We both have jobs, and homeschool the kids, and just don’t have the time or energy to take on such a project. I did some Googling, and came across this website and immediately sent out an email. Kevin emailed me back quickly and we set up a time for him to come the next day to see the dolls. He and his wife came (both VERY nice!) and took photographs of all the dolls. Very quickly (he said it would be 48 hours, but it was more like 24!), he returned an itemized spreadsheet of all the dolls. In our research, we were discovering that there was a big gap in what the dolls are supposedly ‘worth’, and the actual prices people were willing to pay for them. He very clearly explained how he arrived at his prices, and it seemed really fair to us. He is assuming all the risk, and also clearing the much needed space in our house. Win-win! We agreed on the offer, and he came by the next day to pick them up. What a fast turn around! My daughter is so excited that we will soon be able to start working on her room. I would definitely recommend Kevin to anyone looking to get rid of any collectibles, and would definitely use him again myself.

  3. What can I say about Kevin and Collectibles NJ? They delivered on every level and more that was promised. I sought out to sell my collection, and hit every conceivable roadblock; I tried eBay myself, but the task was too daunting for one person. I tried contacting other businesses that “supposedly” dealt in these types of sales, but met no success or commitment. Most looking to cherry pick my items. But, in regard to Collectibles NJ, they were able listen, help and more than delivery. Kevin had moved my entire collection of statues, 1/6th scale figures and other miscellaneous toys with such finite precision I’d never seen or thought possible. They accomplished in about a month, what would’ve taken me a year. Granted, I had a substantial amount of inventory, but despite the challenges, I now sit here with zero collectibles and a sizeable financial return on my “inadvertent” investment. Through our entire arrangement, Kevin made himself available to me at all times, with full transparency in regard to our contract and sales. I want to thank Kevin and his staff at Collectibles NJ for your time and help. You’ve made a difference. Keep up the good work.