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How does it work?

You need to sell your collectibles in New Jersey and you found our website. Your next question will often be how does it work?

Please send an email to us or contact us through our form on every page.

Your email should contain the general nature and niche of your collection. We encourage you to submit pictures via email and any lists you may have. Please include your phone number and the best time to call. We respond to most inquiries very quickly. Depending on your proximity to us we may request more pictures or details or we may come out and look at your collection.  We have traveled as far as 20 hours to look at a large estate or collection and would willingly travel  more for substantially collectible items or large collections. We usually beat out the competition on highly desirable lots and always bid competitively.


We have the following service options available for most lots when you need to sell collectibles in New Jersey:

SALE- We pay from 30-60% of the net resale value of your collection. Higher rates are given for higher desirability items.

CONSIGNMENT- You get 50-70% of the sale. We take possession of the merchandise and pay as we go.

CASH CONSIGNMENT- Terms to be negotiated.

APPRAISAL: We come and document all of your items regardless of quantity. We provide a research report documenting the current immediate value of your collectibles and sources for the data. This service is available FREE with consignment contract. We also can provide the report and appraisal findings at a bulk rate. Please contact us for details on bulk rates or specialty jobs. Our appraisals are good for insurance needs as well!


Need to sell your collectibles in New Jersey? CONTACT COLLECTIBLES NJ

You can also leave a message in the box at the bottom of this page. Your information will not be made public.