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Baseball Estate Collections….. THEY DO EXIST!

We were recently contacted by a gentleman who claimed to have a very substantial sports autograph collection. This was said to feature a variety of autographed collectibles mostly baseball vintage and pre-war stuff. Very often when someone wants to sell baseball collectibles in NJ they will contact a store to get an offer. Retail outlets are notorious for low-balling people with offers to buy. I learned this first person when I took a lot that would later retail for over $10,000 and took them for an appraisal. They offered me $1500 and told me they might make a thousand profit. This is why when someone wants to sell a baseball collection in NJ they will often contact a private buyer like me.

In this particular case the collection was RAW. Now buying a raw collection of autographs or baseball cards come with an inherent level or risk that isn’t present when dealing with graded or authenticated merchandise. It was 50 autographed baseball cards, 200 8 x 10 Photos, 30 baseballs and 340 index cards. Usually in a situation like this where the collection is a little too far away to warrant inspecting personally without some good faith we will request photos of the bigger ticket items so we can evaluate ourselves or submit to quick opinion services. So we had 9 pictures sent

Mickey Mantle x 5 (2 balls 3 photos)

Joe Dimaggio x3  (1 ball 1 index card 1 photo)

Willie Mays Autograph Index Card x 1

Mickey Mantle autograph baseball
Authentic Mantle Autograph Ball
Mickey Mantle autograph baseball
Mickey Mantle Autograph Baseball
Johhny Unitas Authentic Autograph
Johnny Unitas Autograph Index Card
Mickey Mantle autograph postcard
Mantle Autograph Postcard
Joe Dimaggio Authentic Autograph
Joltin Joe Autograph index Card
Stan Musial Autograph
Stan the Man Autograph Index Card

The quick opinion results were mixed 6 genuine and 3 fakes.. Now we have a predicament that can be used to the advantage of the buyer. We forwarded the results to him and amended our offer by 30%. After a little more negotiation we were able to close the deal. As it turns out his father who had passed away and his grandfather had amassed most of this collection adding to it from multiple sources and less than reputable dealers etc. When it was all said and done 1 in every 5 were fakes but most of the BIG ONES were good. Keep in mind every collection has fakes, expect them account for them and leverage you offer accordingly.   Here are some of our highlights. Want to sell a baseball collection in NJ

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