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Best Way to Sell My Collectibles


DO IT YOURSELF – The best way to sell your collection whether in NJ or around the world is both obvious and simple. Do all the work yourself. Take to the various outlets all around the internet and begin listing your items, communicating with buyers and then selling and shipping your items. This sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? That is because it is! Not everyone has time to dedicate to the pursuit of selling their collectibles in NJ or anywhere else for that matter. If you have time to spare and a reasonable amount of things no one can tell you there is anyway to get more money.

SELL TO A VENDOR/PAWNSHOP – This is easily the worst way you can go if you care how much money you will get when you sell your  collectibles. Vendors will always use their knowledge against you as they ultimately have one goal. They want to part you from your collectible items as cheaply as possible so that they can make as much money as possible off you. Cash on the spot buyers have every reason to lie manipulate and steal from anyone trying to figure out how to sell a large amount of collectibles. Did you know the average cash buyer pays .20 on the dollar?Pawn shops are even worst as their goal is to get you to pawn them valuable things in the hope that you default and they can keep the items

COLLECTIBLES NJ – Our one of a kind service when you need to sell your collectibles in NJ or anywhere around the country will represent YOUR BEST INTERESTS and TEAM UP with you to form a sales team that work for you and not against you.  Our reviews and history on the internet speak for themselves. Please contact us today if you have a large collection you need to sell.

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