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Best Way to Sell my Comic Book Collection in NJ

At Collectibles NJ we have a particular passion for Comic books. There is a lot of competition from other companies especially with all the movies and properties coming out.

The best way to sell any collection is for someone to do all the work themselves. With comic collections especially large ones the amount of work that can go into a proper sale can be intimidating. Comics need to be graded inventoried photographed and listed. This alone can get well into the 100s of hours. If you do not have the time to do this you might seek a company to buy some or all of your collection. We recommend never breaking a collection from it’s key books. The average comic book company tries to buy your books for pennies on the dollar. Not every book is worth big money but most books are worth 5 to 10 times what most companies offer to pay.

If you want to make sure your comic collection is handled properly then selling it wholesale is almost never the way to go. At Collectibles NJ we will do the work for you and we NEVER make cash offers. We prefer to work to represent the best interests of our clients. If you have inherited a collection of comic books you will be even more vulnerable to tactics from high pressure or smooth talking cash buyers. A cash sale is NEVER in the best interest of the person selling a comic collection.

Since 2013 we have sold tens of thousands of comic books ranging from modern age to golden age collections, we will take the time out to parse and ready your collection for maximum return in minimum time. We offer FREE consultations and would be happy to discuss your collection. Please contact us today if you want to see why our customers average double returns on their collections



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