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  • 1970s Mego Corp Action Figures

    In the 1970s only one name really dominated the action figure market. The Mego Toy Corporation was the first to put out superhero and comic book related action figures for both DC and Marvel Comics. They also had rights to many many TV and movie rights including The Lone Ranger Planet of the Apes and many others. They also had original characters like Mr Spy and Action Jackson. Their figures are very much sought after by collectors and some of the figures and accessories can be extremely rare. We are always on the look out for these items. Here are some photos of some DC MEGO corp action figures we recently sold.  $(KGrHqN,!lEFJoGt)M4rBSfZKTC1TQ~~60_57





  • Rare Find Horsman EIH Co BABY DIMPLES Original Twin Composition Cloth Dolls

    In our recent collection we found these ultimately rare dolls. Made by the Horsman Doll Company under the EIH co name. baby Dimples was produced in 1928 and was one of the first composition dolls with sleep eyes produced by horsman. These little guys were completely original and found with a bunch of donation dolls.

    Baby dimples
    Twin Dimples!
    Baby dimples
    EIH co horsman Baby Dimples

  • What dolls are the most valuable?

    What dolls are the most valuable?

    Doll collecting is one of the oldest hobbies in the world. People have been collecting dolls for hundreds and hundreds of years. Until recently we could not claim a great knowledge of dolls. We were fortunate enough to meet a lifetime collector who wanted to liquidate her entire collection of dolls. She was very knowledgeable and we were lucky to learn a lot from her.

    There are a lot of good resources for dolls on the internet but there are also a lot of ones that do not contain enough information. We figured as we like to do here at Collectibles NJ we would put together a quick basic list of what dolls are the most valuable. We can only offer experience on what we have dealt with but we will focus mostly on 1930s to modern. This is not meant to be comprehensive so if something is omitted please let us know.

    Identify a collectible doll: Most dolls will have a makers marking or number on them under the hair on the back of the neck or at the small of the backs. These numbers are widely data-based online. Most vintage clothing will be tagged with the brand of the dolls it goes to.

    Determine condition of a collectible doll- Condition on dolls is paramount to their value. Here  some factors to observe when evaluating collectible dolls. This is important when trying to determine what dolls are the most valuable. In box obviously gets the biggest bang for your buck just like most collectibles.

    • Frizzy or cut hair
    •  Knots
    • Discolorations on the skin
    • Tightness of limbs,
    • Color of eyes/pupils
    •  Working or non working
    • Cracks or breaks in the doll or its finish

    1920s-1950s Composition dolls

    Some doll brands and manufacturers in this period to look for are

    • Madame Alexander
    • Horsmen
    • Effanbee
    • Ideal
    • Kestner

    Composition doll definition as per Wikipedia – composition doll is a doll made partially or wholly out of composition, a composite material composed of sawdust, glue, and other materials such as cornstarch, resin and wood flour. The first composition dolls were made in the 19th century. They were marketed as unbreakable, compared to earlier more fragile dolls which is why there are a lot of them still around.

    The more valuable dolls are ones with bisque heads and real hair. Dolls from popular character runs such as Shirley Temple, Patsy Mae, Judy Garland and similar celebrity or movie recreations.  These are original period dolls which were created when this movies first came out. Dolls earlier than this are often tough to find in decent condition. Composition dolls were created to be more durable than earlier dolls so many can be found to day in higher end condition making condition heavily paramount to the value of all but the rarest of dolls. This is when the first nursing and wetting dolls were being manufactured so those are always good to look out for as they are very popular with collectors. Some keys to knowing a doll is composition, most have molded hair (the higher end ones have real hair/ wigs). The face will have a certain high gloss to it. They look distinctively different from celluloid of later plastic or celluloid dolls.

    Fun fact: German made bisque dolls on average will bring in some of the highest prices from this era


    Some brands and manufacturers to look for

    • Madame Alexander
    • Kathe Kruse
    • Patti Playpal
    • Ginny
    • Tressy
    • Ideal
    • Barbie & Midge
    • Tammy

    This is a prolific era for dolls. Some of the most popular brands in history were launched in this era. Barbie the worlds most popular doll took this era by storm. Ideal Patti Playpal G-35 series is one of the most desirable dolls in history. They fetch easily and quickly up to $200-$300. Many of the other ideal baby dolls from this era also have solid collectible value. This includes baby sue, Betsy Wetsy, Pebbles Flintstones, saucy walkers and more. Many of the bigger dolls are the better ones but small popular models such as the iconic Tiny Thumbelina doll were the first to feature things like talking dolls and mechanical movements in dolls. Shirley Temple remains  a doll with solid value. The ST-12 and ST-15 are the most common and come in many different variants. A lot of dolls were produced in this period so they are slightly less rare than earlier counterparts from the same companies. Outfits in good condition from the above dolls also hold a good value.

    Fun fact* Dolls marked Made in Occupied Germany are above average in value

    1970s- MODERN

    Some brands and manufacturers to look out for

    • Barbie
    • American Girl
    • Madame Alexander

    The most valuable dolls vary pretty greatly in this era as many many more were being produced at this time. Barbie from the 70s and 80s has decent value that drops off with exception of the Bob Mackie’s and other really short run variants. Pink box babies have a bulk value only in most cases. The American Girl from the 80s is EASILY the high end doll of the time. Clothing and accessories for these dolls is exceptional ranging into the hundreds of dollars for rare or retired dolls and accessories. Madame Alexander is highly dependent on which dolls they are since many were mass produced and shilled through QVC and the like resulting in an abundance of supply but a lack of demand for some of these items.

    We always are interested in purchasing collections of vintage and antique dolls. Please email us at CONTACT COLLECTIBLES NJ

    You can also leave a comment on this page with your details and your information will not be made public. What dolls are the most valuable? We can answer this and other questions you may have so get in touch today. We often reply in less than a couple hours. I will leave you off with some highlights from our doll collection


    Patti Playpal
    1960s Ideal G-35 Patti Playpal
    Peter Playpal
    1960s IDEAL G-35 PETER Playpal (Patti’s Brother)
    1960s ST-15 Shirley Temple
    1950s Ideal ST-12 Shirley Temple
    What dolls are the most valuable
    Tiny Thumbelina Doll REPRO 1980s
    1930s FREUNDLICH Nursing Doll

    What dolls are the most valuable
    IDEAL FS-14 Pebbles Flinstone