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  • Our TOP 4 NJ Storage Unit Scores of 2013

    As the year ends we take a fond look back at where we hit this year at auction. As a disclaimer I just have to say that 90%+ of rooms we bought (hundreds) were nowhere neat this clean or lucrative. Then again that is why this is a highlight reel!

    #4: THE $5 ROOM

    We were at an auction that didn’t have many people at it. They opened the door and it was an OCD room. The room contained about 50+ milk crates and 4-5 wardrobe boxes. Each milk crate contained all of the supermarket circulars ever received by the tenant in chronological order. Noone wanted anything to do with the room.  I won the room with a minimum bid of $5.  When doing the initial inspection I found a small case containing a glass cicada from Steuben glass. Turns out this very rare piece was worth a whopping $2,000 and was a 24k choker.  We also found the wardrobes were full of fur coats! We paid a couple hundred dollars to get rid of the paper to a recycler and cashed in a very nice payday.

    steuben cicada






    We picked up a unit for $200 bucks. Small room maybe 10 boxes and a bicycle. In this room the boxes contained a HUGE collection of Disney and other movie snow globes. Most of these are not worth too much but we had a complete set of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS snow globes. It turns out these extremely limited and extremely collectible pieces brought in the big bucks! The collection sold for just over $2000 and was turned around in less than a week







    Picked up a unit because I saw a pack of wrapped collectible nickels. Spent $500. 5 x 10 unit about 14 boxes. NOTHING BUT SILVER & CURRENCY!! I do not know how they let this room go. 132 ounces of US MINT Collectible coins and $793 in US silver certificates, star notes and similar. Also a bunch of Monty Python and other 1980s collectibles to boot. We would get close to 10k and were able to turnaround all of it in a single day!








    This  was the most expensive unit we ever purchased at $5800 a plain to see Baseball Card and Beer Collectibles store. We would find our largest ever vintage (1950s baseball card) collection in this unit. Including Mickey Mantles for every year and variant and many many more. These cards were all in EX condition too. The unit would bring over $20,000


    photo 1






    These are the kind of units that keep us in the game. To everyone good luck and happy holidays!






    We have a couple years buying storage units at auction in NJ now and we wanted to bring you our best three tips for finding success in storage.


    When I first hit the auction scene I had too much money and not enough sense. Several times I wound up gambling much bigger than I had desired. Auctions are very competitive and if you don’t play nice on the social aspect of it all well than it can quickly degenerate into a pissing contest that is not conducive to the profit margin of any one. If you are going to attend regularly it pays to build at least casual social relationships with the other buyers in your area. Do not buy into the TV hype that you need to bid anyone up or find adversaries.


    This one has probably been characterized at every blog dealing with buying storage units at auction. I cannot emphasize enough the losses I took from ignoring this rule over and over. Any strategy involving bidding higher than 25-30% over what you can plainly see is going to be very high risk. If you have the bankroll to withstand the swings, well than god bless. Those of you looking to make a profit. STICK TO YOUR LIMIT


    I used to have a partner who used to buy units and give away the majority of the contents. While this might not seem so bad when you hit a good one; that money could be covering losses from losing units. Anyone in this business knows there will be losers frequently and if you can monetize your junk than it can help to lower liability on a bad one and cover losses residually ultimately adding significantly to your bottom line. Garage sales, Flea Markets and swap meets are great ways to unload smalls and things you cannot sell elsewhere.

  • 1st Big Score at NJ Storage Auctions

    NJ storage AuctionsMost people who buy storage units with regularity will have their best all time unit against which all others are destined to be compared. When we first ventured out into NJ Storage Auctions in 2011 we had still yet to get our first unit. We saw two auctions literally across the street from one another. One had 10 units the other 2 units. We decided to go where there would be less people. They opened the door to the first unit, it was furniture heavy and contained several wardrobe boxes and some DJ equipment. Also about 10 more medium size storage boxes.

    The crowd as anticipated was small and we manged to win the first unit for $800 at this point the auctioneer announced that the 2nd unit was the same owner.  We knew we had to go for this one. When the gate goes up its a small room 5 x 10 and it has a bicycle in the front. We get run up to $1300 on this one and the other guy drops out. We can’t figure it out. As we are walking to the office to pay the guy says “Damn you have a nice bike there” and offers us $300 for it. We take his number and tell him we will get back to him. Laughing about how we should have took the money we begin going through our units

    Now we get back to unit one and start poke around. it was a 10 x 20 with an entire houses worth of furniture. We find a single technique 1200 turntable. Some jewelery. Alligator Boots Stingray Luchesi Boots. 6 wardrobe boxes. The wardrobe boxes are full of Polo Ralph Lauren clothes, All neatly pressed in plastics and many even with the tags till on them. Vintage Avirex Jackets.  Jordan Sneakers. Coins,

    Now we get to the 2nd unit and we move the bike out of the way. We go in and find 8 sets of technique 1200 turntables + 1 extra. 50 pairs Orbiton needles. Other great old technique turntable needles new in box. Brand new control arms for the techniques. 5000 CDs, 3000 DVDs 500 Records all mint LPs Rare some signed. And 4 more wardrobes.

    Now the bike, how can I forget about the bicycle…So after this we are packing everything back into the unit we look up the bike. It is a Colnago Masterlight Italian racing team bike. With all the trimmings estimate retail 12,000.

    When it was all said and done over $27k was accumulated and sold from this unit. The most valuable items being the wardrobes. We sold over 1000 pieces of Polo Ralph Lauren as well as 73 leather jackets including vintage Avirex coats that can go for 200+ each.

    Needless to say I was hooked for life on NJ storage Auctions