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  • Our TOP 4 NJ Storage Unit Scores of 2013

    As the year ends we take a fond look back at where we hit this year at auction. As a disclaimer I just have to say that 90%+ of rooms we bought (hundreds) were nowhere neat this clean or lucrative. Then again that is why this is a highlight reel!

    #4: THE $5 ROOM

    We were at an auction that didn’t have many people at it. They opened the door and it was an OCD room. The room contained about 50+ milk crates and 4-5 wardrobe boxes. Each milk crate contained all of the supermarket circulars ever received by the tenant in chronological order. Noone wanted anything to do with the room.  I won the room with a minimum bid of $5.  When doing the initial inspection I found a small case containing a glass cicada from Steuben glass. Turns out this very rare piece was worth a whopping $2,000 and was a 24k choker.  We also found the wardrobes were full of fur coats! We paid a couple hundred dollars to get rid of the paper to a recycler and cashed in a very nice payday.

    steuben cicada






    We picked up a unit for $200 bucks. Small room maybe 10 boxes and a bicycle. In this room the boxes contained a HUGE collection of Disney and other movie snow globes. Most of these are not worth too much but we had a complete set of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS snow globes. It turns out these extremely limited and extremely collectible pieces brought in the big bucks! The collection sold for just over $2000 and was turned around in less than a week







    Picked up a unit because I saw a pack of wrapped collectible nickels. Spent $500. 5 x 10 unit about 14 boxes. NOTHING BUT SILVER & CURRENCY!! I do not know how they let this room go. 132 ounces of US MINT Collectible coins and $793 in US silver certificates, star notes and similar. Also a bunch of Monty Python and other 1980s collectibles to boot. We would get close to 10k and were able to turnaround all of it in a single day!








    This  was the most expensive unit we ever purchased at $5800 a plain to see Baseball Card and Beer Collectibles store. We would find our largest ever vintage (1950s baseball card) collection in this unit. Including Mickey Mantles for every year and variant and many many more. These cards were all in EX condition too. The unit would bring over $20,000


    photo 1






    These are the kind of units that keep us in the game. To everyone good luck and happy holidays!





  • What are 1980s Baseball cards Worth?

    What are 1980s Baseball Cards Worth?

    We get a lot of people contacting us looking to sell baseball cards. They are one of the most popular collectibles and we love to deal with them. The majority of these are almost always 1980s and 1990s baseball cards. A lot of people inherit their 1980s baseball cards or find them in a variety of ways. They always ask “What are 1980s baseball cards worth”  I always hate having to be the one to tell them the 1000s and 1000s of baseball cards they have accumulated as a kid are worth more in most cases when turned toward paper recycling.  While this sounds harsh it is also true in most cases.

    This era was a perfect storm of over-production and tarnished steroid users that have dropped the bottom out of  card values. It is well documented that during this time they produced so many of each card that almost nothing is rare. They sold boxed dealer sets and even insert runs directly to card stores and other kinds of merchants. This threw off the balance of supply and demand that is the backbone to the value of any collectible item. Even your best rookie cards in the 1980s are not worth much on the open market without a grade

    There is however a bright spot. There is TREMENDOUS demand for cards that can obtain a PSA 9 or PSA 10 grade for their condition. Many of them go for hundreds of dollars, you just need the time and the eye to find them. A  list of some cards that are key cards from the 1980s. Most of the superstars with PSA 9+ can fetch hundreds of dollars. Semi stars can get close to a hundred and commons can get 30-50 dollars!

    Even though these cards were overproduced their quantity far exceeded their quality!!

    A few of the most desirable and lowest population 1980s cards discussed above are

    Sandberg, Thomas, Mattingly, Clemens, Griffey Jr, Ripken Jr, Gwynn rookie cards are all in demand in high grade condition


    A few notable exceptions to the 1990s era cards are:

    1993 Fleer SPX Jeter

    2001 Topps Bowman Chrome Ichiro


    You should keep in mind a raw ungraded card that looks mint can get a decent price but it has to look PERFECT to the naked eye and if it does you are probably better served sending it in for grading your self. If you would like to sell some 1980s cards please feel free to contact us although we do not often buy them. If you have some of the key cards listed above we may be interested in evaluating them and paying for grading on select cards.

    Feel free to leave a comment on this page or ask us what are 1980s baseball cards worth


    1982-Topps-Baseball-Cal-Ripken-Jr-Rookie-Card-260x185 1980-Topps-Baseball-Rickey-Henderson-Rookie-Card-212x300 1984-Fleer-Update-Baseball-Kirby-Puckett-Rookie-Card-212x300 1984-Fleer-Update-Roger-Clemens-210x300