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  • Top Tips For Selling at Flea Markets

    Flea Market
    The Englishtown flea Market



    Top Tips For Selling at Flea Markets

    One of the most important things to making it for yourself via these types of business is finding a way to monetize your junk or lower end items. A lot of items wouldn’t make any sense to sell online but can be sold at the market. All those small transactions can add up in a hurry leading to big dollars for you! We sell regularly at the Englishtown Flea Market and have experience with several other markets around NJ. This is  a very large market with a diverse crowd. It is kind of a cheapish market but you can actually find a lot of prime customers here for transactions into four figures! Depends on what you sell. Without further adieu here is my list of top tips for selling at flea markets

    • Best Seller!  – Clothes Clothes Clothes

    In my experience the best seller at the flea market is almost always clothing. Women’s and Children’s is tops. It is very worthwhile to go through, pick and clean all the best condition clothes you find. It is not unusual to sell 40-50 pieces of clothing if you have nice stuff on a busy day. Depending on your garment quality pricing can range up to $5 a piece for used. If you like me often get several hundred pieces of clothing at a time this can be an amazing extra revenue stream. It is worth to break the clothing down sell designer stuff on ebay and take everything regular that is in GOOD CLEAN CONDITION down to the market. People appreciate and will shop loyally if you take the time to lay out nice clean stuff.

    • Biggest Bang for your Buck! TOOLS

    This appears to be universal at most markets there are more customers aggressively  competing for tools than any other genre fo item. I see people close deals for hundreds and on occasion thousands for tools. From basic hand tools to advanced machining equipment this stuff is prime real estate at any market and very much sells itself. These retain value pretty well and can get like $2 each for no name basic hand tools. On bigger stuff flea market pricing is about 70% of eBay and 50% of retail on most used items. These items retain their value pretty well and you can be as picky as you want when it comes to settling cause customers will never be in short supply.

    • Know Your Flea Market

    All markets are not created equal. Many markets that are permanent may specialize in one kind of item or another. There are some that charge as little as $10 a space and others that can be as much $100 per space. It is important to research this information in advance. You do not want to end up selling clothing and toys at a fishing themed market sale. It is always good to head to a market before selling there and get a feel for the crowd, quantity of people and kind of merchandise readily available. Find out how much space you get and what kind of setup arrangements are or are not permitted. Always ask what is or is not permitted to be sold as some markets may have restrictions on some kinds of items being for sale.

    Things to remember to bring:

    • Change
    • Bags
    • Drinks for yourself
    • Chair
    • Tarps
    • Tables

    Have fun, good luck and lets all make a buck or two!