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  • Selling Video Games What Vintage Games Are Worth Money?

    Selling Video Games What Vintage Games Are Worth Money?

    Don’t we all wish we knew that keeping our video games and boxes in great condition when we were kids might turn into big collectible dollars when we became adults. We might have thought twice before throwing cartridges in boxes and leaving them all over our floor in our rooms.

    I was browsing the web earlier today and it occurred to me there are a lot of lists and sites dedicated to values of vintage games, consoles and accessories. Most of these have a top 10 list of games you will likely never lay a hand on. They like to roll out the big value games that do not exist for the common collector and catch all the Oohs and Ahhs. I have decided to take a more practical approach, as people looking to sell video games do not always know which games have an above average value. You cannot know the value of all the games ever released (Well I am sure someone does but most of us do not.)

    I have compiled this article as a vintage video game cheat sheet. I am dealing with out of box pricing. It would suffice to say that the same rules will apply to games that are still in the original packaging TENFOLD.

    Nintendo systems (NES SNES GAMEBOY N64 GAMECUBE)

    • Games featuring Mario including base games, sports, Mario karts, Mario Party etc.
    • Games featuring characters from the Mario series of games. Yoshi Luigi etc etc..
    • Almost all of the J-RPG Games produced by SQUARESOFT (final fantasy, dragon warrior, Chrono to name a few).
    • Games from the Legend of Zelda Adventures of Link game series
    • Games from the METROID series of games
    • Games from the Castlevainia series of games
    • Games from the Mega Man series of games
    • Games that feature Bomberman
    • Games that feature Kirby

    This is by no means a comprehensive list but it gives you a general idea of what to look for. As a rule if it features one of Nintendo’s classic and iconic flagship characters is often good. Another great tip is that games that are produced during the last year production runs have above average value since less copies were purchased of these games. The END production run years are as follows

    • NES- 1994
    • SNES 1998
    • N64 2002
    • Gamecube 2007

    Collectibles NJ is always buying and selling video games. If you have a large or rare collection you would like to sell consign or have appraised contact us here Consigning or Selling Video games We buy nationwide on these items. If you are thinking of selling video games you should be thinking of contacting us.

    I will leave you off with some pictures of my most recent collection of vintage video games.

    Happy hunting and lets make a couple of bucks!


    Mario Baseball Mega Man Selling Video Games IMG_0194 IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0200Mega Man