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Collectibles NJ heads to Maryland to Liquidate Hot Toys & Sideshows Massive Estate in Baltimore

What do you do when you inherit a collection so large it fills an entire warehouse? You call Collectibles NJ that’s what! After speaking to many many other companies that handle this sort of work no one was able to come up with an offer that even approached fair for this warehouse of top flight new in box comic book related items. The sale will include many rare and vintage releases from Sideshow, Hot Toys, Prime 1, Threezero and many many more. After extended negotiations the executor guaranteed himself MAXIMUM value by signing with New Jersey’s #1 liquidation service, we simply have a better way.

This collection filled a 26 foot moving truck to its bursting point. It takes up over 1500 sq ft when stacked. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bid on these rare pieces almost all of them sold out from the manufacturer. If you collect Sideshow or Hot Toys this is your chance to get a shot without the ridiculous retail markups. Marvel, DC, Movies and pop culture are just a few of the genres encompassed. 1:1 life size 1:2 1:4 so many large pieces. Everything exclusive and limited, This really is a holy grail collection and was the stock for a now discontinued store so 90% of it has never been out of the box

If you have a large comic, sideshow or hot toy collection let us discuss with you our premium service and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. We can be contacted in a variety of ways. You may email or call during business hours and leave a voicemail or speak to one of our collectiblesNJ team members to set up an appointment. The contact info is on the top right of the page, Feel free to leave a message on this post and it will come to us privately and we will never publicize your information.