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Collectibles NJ Offering Rare Golden Record Reprints plus Silver & Golden age Comic Collection

We are proud to announce we have been hired to represent an amazing one owner collection containing almost 20 of the sought after golden record silver age reprints from 1966. We have 11 copies for sale of Amazing Spiderman #1 Golden Record Reprint and here is the really amazing part, almost all of the are contenders for being amongst the GREATEST CONDITION COPIES in existence. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity at a completely original and un-restored collection of these amazing books. The golden record reprints are almost as hard to find as the original books and in this kind of condition it is complete possible that we have the best assortment of these books ever offered.

It is a sign of the times that comic books and memorabilia are soaring. It is also another sign of the times that customers are wising up and staying far away from the bigger cash on the spot and comic specialty companies choosing instead to be represented by the best marketers using the biggest sites the internet has to offer to maximize bids, promotion and sales.

Former company owner and current consultant Kevin says

It is great to see the consumer being smarter and realizing these collections are assets, sometimes major ones. I often tell clients that its similar to inheriting property. Most people are not equipped to sell a house without a real estate agent. Why would you let anyone get near you with an offer without having an impartial third party to assess the collection and represent the best interests of the owner. The comic business is full of greed and companies trying to take advantage of the little guy, well the buck stops here with Collectibles NJ and it’s one of a kind service putting more of these dollars into the pockets of our customers where they belong