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Collectibles NJ Sells Large Silkstone Barbie Doll Collection Ends Today

One of the most collectible toys ever created is the iconic Barbie doll. Since 1959 this fashion doll has been desired by collectors. When someone needs to sell a barbie collection in NJ there are several factors we will consider. The most collectible barbies are by far from the 1960s. The original ponytail barbie, the bubble cut & the twist & turn are some of the most iconic and valuable. The accessories and clothing can even be worth as much or more then the dolls. The 1970s era barbies have some valuable pieces as well. Once the 1980s gets started there are only a handful of dolls that have a real collectible value due to the overwhelming popularity and overproduction and sheer amount of collecting that went on during this era.


In the 2000s, Mattel re-branded its flagship product by creating the barbie collector label. During this production period barbies were released with labels denoting the amount of dolls produced and creating a new collector market based on the limited edition of the dolls. The labels are Pink, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Black being the rarest. By doing this Mattel effectively returned the investment value to their higher end toy lines.

When trying to sell a barbie collection in NJ its important to deal with a company that can maximize your profits. We have a unique sales platform that can guarantee that we can get you more return on your collection then any vendor making a cash offer. If you would like to discuss selling your barbie collection please feel free to reach out to us via our phone or e-mail. All of our information is on the upper right hand side of the page. You may also use the form in the bottom of this page to make a comment that will remain private