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Estate Sale Services in NJ

Estate Sale Services in NJ

Sometimes when faced with mounting financial burden from the unfortunate passing of a loved or other hardships families will put the estate up for sale. Many times you will find that people who conduct these sales have a lack of experience in today’s technologically savvy world to get the maximum amount of interested buyers to get you the maximum amount of dollars. Their fees and techniques may be outdated and many will just have friends and acquaintances attend the sale failing to get your sale the broader exposure that it deserves.

We personally handle estate sale services in NJ with a tact and professionalism that many of these long time old time estate sale organizers ultimately lack. You have to have an understanding of how things really work today to promote a sale and fill it with real competitive buyers. Our connections to an entire network of professional and hobbyist buyers is only the beginning. We handle appraisal and pricing and will work with you to reach a fee structure that is both fair and equitable for both parties and definitely better than any of our competition.

Our multi-tier marketing system will reach local buyers as well as those in a wider service range statewide. We will even entertain bids and offers from buyers on a NATIONAL level facilitating more views for your items which has been proven to turn into more dollars for your pocket. We are ready with viral, social and SEO tactics to ensure more eyes find your sales.

We service the entire state of NJ and NY and will travel further for a larger collection or estate. You can contact us here through this form by leaving a comment (it will not be made public) we can also be reached via email by clicking on the words below.