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Free Appraisal Services in NJ

As a courtesy we provide free appraisal services on items within our realm of experience. We will accept submissions of up to 3 items for free appraisal via email. Please remember that we can only do so much in the way of providing free appraisal services in NJ via email. Photos are usually poor for showing conditional issues on a collectible item. If you have a larger lot or collection we do provide full appraisal and estate sale services in NJ and surrounding areas.

We understand how to promote a sale using today’s most cutting edge methods. We also may offer to buyout an entire estate ourselves if you wish to save time or need help with the expenses and costs of the passing of a loved one. If we can we are happy to relieve your financial burdens. Items we have a specialization including but definitely not limited too:


  • Vintage video games including coin ops
  • Beer collectibles and signs
  • Sports Memorabilia including Autographs, Cards, Ephemera
  • Antiques and collectibles of all kinds.

We buy and sell things every day from a variety of sources. This gives us a unique perspective to utilize when evaluating your collection. We will respond to you quickly and immediate set up an appointment providing personal attention that simply cannot be matched by people who consider this a second or third job and business. We are located in Edison but provide appraisal services in NJ NY PA CT and even OH if the situation calls for a trip. If you are in need of our appraisal services than please contact us through our many email links or comment here on this page. No information shared hereĀ  will become public. We have an extensive database of buyers from the NJ Area you can have them all at your sale! Contact us today.