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Crossover Item News and Sports Memorabilia

Recently made a private buy from one of the readers of this blog. He has a lot of nice items but like many collectors was priced to high to sell due to the extent of his investment in the items. He also had a batch of Newspaper printing plates from the NY Times and the NY Daily News featuring the Yankees. Now I tried looking them up and found limited information available. Some went for $70-80 and others for $5-10 so going through them I realize that they do have above average content. I was faced with a tough decision purchase items with no clear defined value on the speculation that they would enjoy success at auction. Sports memorabilia usually does very well so does news memorabilia and in my experience news sports memorabilia has always done well.

In this case I decided to take the shot and purchased 12 of them. While I will not reveal what I paid for them I will say the reason I was interested was because of the Cross over appeal. Sports Memorabilia is a huge business and news collectors are a large niche as well. Some of the things I like to look for when buying something like this is display appeal these have that. I also like to see how it might connect to similar genres. Baseball cards now have printing plates available as 1/1s for every card in the set. My hope was to also be able to connect with those collectors. I will report back to this post and let you all know how I do. Whether I make money or not I have to say I find these to be really great pieces. I might have to keep one for myself. Here are some photos of the plates which are currently on sale in my ebay store.

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In the meantime good luck and lets all make a couple bucks.


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