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Does Bartering Work

Does Bartering work

One of the techniques we will often employ is bartering. Using craigslist and similar websites to trade items. We tried trading up and it works somewhat although like everything else not at all how it works on television. We started with a $200 PC Computer and a $150 HDTV, we were contacted by someone interested in trading a dirtbike for our items. We went there and demonstrated that everything was in working condition and took the dirtbike for a ride. We got a Yamaha RT 100 and traded our computer and TV. We then listed our dirtbike and received a local inquiry from someone with a custom high end RC lot. They are called Traxxas trucks and are very popular. It came with a lot of parts. The break down was as follows

$350 in items traded for a dirt bike worth $500 traded for an RC car lot worth $700 odds are we could have continued going slowly. It took three weeks to facilitate these deals and I think we could have continued upward. We chose to cashout at this point. So can I answer the question does bartering work sort of; but there are other values. When we attend storage auctions and sometimes get items that are too heavy for shipping we will allow others to “trade up” so we can facilitate the acquisition of smaller items of similar value which in turn we can than sell on the internet which is our bread and butter. You would be surprised the amount of things available for trade at any given time.

If you have a rare or collectible item you will sometimes be able to trade up getting a better rate for yourself but mostly it involves the swapping of practical items. What do you have that someone else needs and vice versa. It can definitely add a interesting wrinkle to the business and lay some significant value your way.

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