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Estate Liquidators in NJ

Estate Liquidators in NJ

We are happy to announce we will now be offering estate liquidation services in the greater New Jersey area. Our founder Collectible Kevin Roster is so proficient at attracting MAXIMUM value on collectible items that he sold close to $1,000,000 worth of merchandise while still working out of his basement! Now with the resources of an experienced and honest support team and our brand new storefront combined with years of networking gives Collectibles NJ the edge when you need estate liquidators in NJ.

The old fashioned ways of valuing items and using print advertising used by so many estate companies just do not cut it here in the year 2015. We use a technology rich methodology for liquidating the contents of an estate quickly and efficiently. We have buyers for all varieties of item just ready to pay FAIR and EQUITABLE prices where both sides can win. We allow YOU to select if you would prefer flat fee or commission based services. We also might make an offer you can’t refuse to purchase your items directly.

We also can organize an old fashioned estate or tag / moving sale full of aggressive buyers who want to give you the best price you can get anywhere for your inheritance. We will offer the patient and caring approach when dealing with family and will do our best to facilitate any form of help we can during what is a decidedly difficult time.

If you want a fair and accurate appraisal process and a company that will battle for every dollar on your inherited collections than you need to contact us. We can be contacted through a variety of methods including email, phone and through the form located in the bottom of this page. Do not worry we will never publicize or trade ANY of your information.