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Estate Liquidation Services in NJ

Estate Liquidation Services in NJ

Here at Collectibles NJ we specialize in items that are collectible in nature. Our process for evaluation will show the value of your items based on ACTUAL SALES not fictional numbers made up by any dealer or re-seller. We will aggregate confirmed sales data and you can see the information yourself so you know you are getting the actual value of your items.

We typically pay around 50% in cash and purchase over 300 genres of collectible items. When we first come on site we perform what is called a “Photo Appraisal” where we will photo every item you have regardless of the quantity so that we can perform the diligent research required to ensure a satisfactory purchase price in relation to the current market for your item. We do not bring money or try to purchase anything we take photos and get back to you with an offer based on the data usually in 48-72 hours.

Why is our service is vastly superior to the old fashioned estate sale?

When dealing with estate sellers or other estate liquidation services in NJ it is common but quiet practice for them to have relationships with buyers that may or may not be in your best interest. When everyone has to make a piece the pie is considerably smaller. Some can make deals with buyers to buy at a discount and than split the profit after the sale. The overall composition of the business ensures that it can be ripe with errors, misdiagnosis of items and other shortfalls of handshake wink wink business.

When dealing with other estate liquidation services in NJ you have to advertise and allow many strangers onto your property allowing for theft, damage or other considerable exposures over multiple days. Why deal with the nonsense of an estate sale when you can get MORE in CASH from Collectibles NJ?

If you are interested in discussing our variety of services relating to the purchase of your items please call Collectible Kevin @ 848 260 0404 Sunday to Sunday 10am-5pm