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Premium & High Value Collections Service

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Collectibles NJ is proud to announce its new PHV (Premium & High Value) service. This service is reserved for collections with a minimum of $10,000 in appraised equity. These collections can often be cumbersome to move and deal with so we will travel to your location to evaluate your items. We then offer personal service and a genuine partner to assist you in selling your collection at its high water mark value. We only work with one client at a time on these jobs so we are your company for the duration of the job. Our CEO will personally work with you to make sure you understand the process and how we will market your collection. This service is FREE with absolutely no hidden or upfront charges. The entire service is commission based and collected on the back end.

We primarily specialize in internet sale but have connections with many auction houses and live vendors as well. We can represent your collection and put in front of lots of private collectors and affluent possible purchasers for your collection. We do in house appraisals, photography, listing, marketing and shipping so rest assured we will handle every nuance of the sale personally with our joined interest at heart. For us to make the most money we need you to make the most money! Everybody WINS!

Finally a solution that can get you LIQUID for up to 70%* of your cash value for your one of a kind collection. Let us show you the respect and professionalism that only a dedicated company can provide in your service. Don’t mail your stuff away or let strangers take it who knows where with very little recourse keep your valuables with you and we will work on site. No fuss no muss! Youy may contact us through the form on the bottom of this page and don’t worry we would NEVER publicize any of your information.