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Coin-Op Arcade Machines For Sale in NJ

Card Whiz Pinball Machine
1976 Card Whiz Pinball



Arcade Machines for sale in NJArcade Machines for sale in NJ

We currently have a couple of high end and mechanically sound completely original Coin-op arcade machines for sale in NJ please contact us with any reasonable offers at

Produced in 1975-1976 only about 3200 of these Gotlieb Card Whiz machines were ever made so it is pretty rare to see one come up for sale. This is a smaller machine so it can fit into more limited spaces. Any amazing collectors piece and a great collectible game. This machine is available for $700 or best offer.





IMG_1909[1]Arcade Machines For Sale in NJArcade Machines For Sale in NJ


This is a table top Space Invaders machine. All original parts. Appears to be a Japanese produced version but does contain the American version of the software. One of the most popular games in the history of video games this classic brings nostalgia to anyone who remembers it.  This arcade machine for sale in NJ is available for $400 OBO




IMG_1913[1] IMG_1914[1]IMG_1916[1]


The last one is a FULL SIZE 1960s SHUFFLE BOWLER! The United’s Cheetah shuffle bowler is also in high end aesthetic and mechanical condition. It also comes with all of its ownership manuals as an added bonus. These amazing machines are rarely found in great working and mechanical shape. This arcade machine is for sale in NJ for $400 OBO




We are always happy to help you find a buyer for your items whether it is coin op arcade machines or anything else collectible. If you have an item you need to sell, or need help selling than please contact us at the email belowIf you would like to make an offer on this machine please contact us today via email at we respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Want to list your arcade machines for sale in NJ than contact us today!