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Sell Collectibles in CT

Sell Collectibles in CT

We are happy announce that when you need to sell collectibles in CT  we are now offering our exclusive luxury liquidation in-home services in the greater Connecticut area. We specialize in dealing with larger collections that are highly focused with a higher projected value. Our firm wheelhouses in working with one client per genre at a time to ensure that you can receive personal attention. Why contract an out of state firm? Let us explain to you how we get our customers from 50-200% more than by dealing with a traditional vendor, estate seller or pawnbroker.

Our CEO “Collectible” Kevin Roster can guide you through the process of receiving maximum financial returns for your one of a kind collection. We have over $1,000,0000 in collectible sales under our belt and can offer an expertise that others can not. Our use of media and organic search marketing gives us a solid technological leg up on our competitors. Commissions are flexible depending on the value of your collection, logistical difficulties etcetera. We are happy to provide full details about how our service works and consultations are always free if we are interested in working together with you. There is literally NO WHERE we will not go.

We can be reached by Phone, E-mail or through our website. Our contact details are on the upper right side of every web page located in the corner. If you find it more convenient please feel free to leave a comment on this post including your name and contact information. Other visitors to the site can never see your comment and we do not disseminate any of your information. When you need to sell collectibles in CT what you need is the number one liquidation firm in the genre. We travel anywhere so call Collectibles NJ today!

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