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Sell Collectibles in NJ

Need to Sell Collectibles in NJ

We are a professional consignment and resale company located in central NJ, We have the lowest available pricing and quickest turnaround times. We are bulk buyers and prefer large lots but will travel locally for smaller lots. We can arrange cash advance or consignments as well. We will get in touch with you via email in 12 hours or less in most situations. We ask that bulk lots be listed in a txt file for our perusal.

Here is a list we may or may not be interested in buying or consigning. If we do not buy it we might know someone who does. The bottom line is if you wanna sell collectibles in NJ get in touch with us!!

Action Figures (in box only)
Comics (pre 1989)
Sports Cards (Pre 1980 or post 2002)
Autographs (certified or raw)
Snap-on Tools

Video Games and accessories
Movie Memorabilia
Random Collectibles


PLEASE CONTACT US AT if you have a lot you think that we may be interested in. We base our pricing and offers from immediate resale estimates determined by current provable and likely repeatable market rates. We will pay as high as 50-70% of this value to buy your collectibles any where in the state of New Jersey.

We also have experience handling clean-outs and/or estate sales. We consign online and also at various swap meets and flea markets all around the state of NJ and use a lot of different methods to sell collectibles. We tend to beat out pawn value or selling to a retail store and it is not even close.

Thanks for visiting our page we hope to hear from you soon


We Buy and Sell Collectibles in NJ and NY as well.