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Sell a Toy Collection in NJ

Sell a Toy Collection in NJ

A lot of people like to reconnect to their youth in the form of collecting various kinds of toys. People collect action figures, video games, cars and car related toys, dolls and a variety of different genres of collectibles. The different kinds of items and genres that people collect can be as diverse as the people themselves. Sometimes when times get tough or circumstances dictate that a collection may need to be liquidated. Need to sell a toy collection in NJ? We are a collectibles base company who can uniquely understand your toy collection and the best way to move forward towards selling it. We do on site appraisals and can come to you in the NY NJ PA and CT areas. We always here that our offers are always 20-30% higher than our competition especially on very large or valuable collections. Some of the things we may purchase are:

Action figures

TV related memorabilia and toys

Diecast vehicles in all scales

Lionel Train and Other Model RR

Slot Cars and related

Marx and other Vintage and Tin Toys

We have a solid transparent method for valuing your collection and provide a variety of direct sale or consignment and cash consignment options. We can get you top dollar or the best dollar for your toy collection depending on your own unique circumstances and priorities. We are a people first company and we specialize in toys and other collectibles and large collections. You can contact us through our phone number listed on our home page. Via email from the links at the bottom of this page or using the form built in below. Do not worry we will never make your details public and will be happy to contact you to discuss your collection.

Need to sell a toy collection in NJ? Contact us today!