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Sell Anri Figurines in NJ

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Sell Anri Figurines in NJ

For a period in 1970s, 1980s & 1990s the Fernandiz Anri & Sarah Key lines of “ANRI” wood carvings were extremely sought after by collectors. Based on art work by the aforementioned individuals these high quality hand painted wooden figurines were made with art inspired by the spirit of a hummels but a unique style all their own. These figurines typically came in 3 common sizes 1.5″ 4″ & 6″ with larger pieces being in the 9-10″ range. The line is fairly extensive and had great variety in designs and rareness or value. Some larger pieces used to fetch premium dollars. While the Anri line is not as valuable as it was in its hey day due to it being affected by the same generational shift and availability due to the internet era as other similar lines. ┬áThis doesn’t mean there is not still a market for these great old figurines.

If you need to sell Anri Figurines in NJ it is important that the vendor understands the current market for these figurines and can take the time to show you their current values. We give a personal attention and provide services including but not limited to Appraisal, Purchase & Consignment on collections in this genre. Our company since 2014 has done OVER $1,000,000 in collectible sales including hundreds of Anri hand painted wood carvings. Let us show you ┬áthe difference in what you get from any vendor and the premium fiduciary return that can be facilitated by Collecitbles NJ and our New Jersey based specialists. At this time we are not buying any ANRI plates but would be happy to discuss your collection. If you would like to contact us we can be reached through the form in the bottom of this page or via the email and phone numbers provided in the upper right hand sides of the page. Don’t worry comments will not be visible and we would never publicize or share your information.



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