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Sell Antiques in NJ

Sell Antiques in NJ

Most of the time if you need to sell antiques in NJ you will contact a local dealer. This can often be a mistake, dealers generally buy very low as their inventory is likely to sit for along time. Usually offers come in at .30 on the dollar. We pay more. We sell fast and can buy or consign your various antique or collectible items in the NJ area. We are experts at using technology to do research and can identify value and sell your items for SIGNIFICANTLY more than you will get from a dealer who knows what you have and keeps you in the dark. Our transparent evaluation process lets you know exactly what you have and whats it worth.

While we are not full service experts of antiques there are many different sub-genres of antique items that we are always interested in purchasing. WE DO NOT BUY OR CONSIGN FURNITURE. Items that are considered to be primitives, antique dolls war memorabilia or other Militaria or military paraphernalia, civil war related items. We purchase antique and vintage post cards, Antique scales, Tin toys, litho toys windups Marx Wyndanette and other similar items, schoenhut. We also have an interest in anything else that we can identify via internet research markings and characteristics etc.

If you need to sell antiques in NJ please contact us via our phone number as listed in the sidebar on the left or via email through the contact us link in the bottom of this page. You also can feel free to contact us via the form embedded in this page. Don’t worry we will NEVER publicize the information and someone will be in touch usually between 1-8 hours. Collectibles NJ is your NJ collectibles specialist and it shows in what we do everyday.