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Sell Baseball Cards in NJ

1958 Topps Drysdale autograph
1958 Topps Drysdale Signed

We have the greatest wealth of experience with buying and selling baseball cards. Vintage or modern, singles or collections. We buy autographs and collections as well. When you decide it is time to sell baseball cards in NJ you will definitely want to be in touch with us as we are usually near the TOP in regards to offers.

We can also give accurate appraisals of baseball collections based on all available internet parameters. We can assess whether or not to sell your collection raw or send them away to PSA for grading. As a collectors we have combined years of experience with collections and are up to date on all the current trends. We evaluate factors such as mean sale price, media and population reports when determining how to handle a particular collection because no two are ever the same.

We can beat most offers and are VERY competitive with regards to consignment rates. Whether you want to consign, cash consign or sell baseball cards in NJ we will always be at the top of the pack. We have a genuine passion for the hobby and will not insult with low offers. We can tell you what its worth in retail resale or wholesale and will work with you continuously during the process to ensure every one in any deal made with us is a winner.

If you want to sell baseball cards in NJ make sure you contact us first!