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Sell Tobacco Cards in NJ

Sell Tobacco Cards in NJ

The rarest and most valuable baseball cards are tobacco cards. These were baseball cards from the turn of the century that came inside of various packs of cigarettes. Several different companies released them the most common being the Piedmont.

Condition is very much key in evaluating tobacco cards, they were produced on low quality stock and suffer greatly from paper loss and age deterioration. The T206 Honus Wagner is considered to be the rarest card of the era. Noone really know why this card was so short run although one prevalent story is that Honus Wagner demanded the removal of his image from the cards as he feared it would glamorize tobacco with children

When you need to sell tobacco cards in NJ you should make sure to get an appraisal done beforehand. If the condition is high they can be worth thousands and thousands of dollars. Please contact us if you or someone you know needs to sell tobacco cards in NJ. You may email us using the link below or simply leave a comment in the form in the bottom of this page. Don’t worry we will not publicize your information. We can offer competitively on lots up to the mid five figures. We also do consignment which includes FREE appraisal and FREE condition evaluation.

We also purchase tobacco cards of the non sports variety as well. We will be happy to evaluate your collection!

If you want to be treated right when you decide to sell autographs in NJ than make sure to contact us and lets dialogue a little. We will work our hardest to craft a deal tailor made for the satisfaction of all parties. If you are interested and would like to contact us please email at

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