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Sell Vintage Baseball Cards in NJ

Sell Vintage Baseball Cards in NJ

Everyone wants vintage baseball cards. They are easily one of the hottest items and appreciable collectibles on the market. When you have a premium item and want to sell vintage baseball cards in NJ you have several option. You can take to ebay yourself. Sell to a dealer in a retail setting or contact a specialist like COLLECTIBLES NJ. A lot of people do not have time to do ebay as it can be very time consuming and become an ongoing process equivalent to a second job. You will find hours and hours of work can go into it. After fees and labor if you have other commitments this is often not the best way to go. If you go to a dealer you are basically tossing your money off a cliff! Many retail shops will offer ridiculously low rates and offer stories about how they “do not want the vintage stuff cause it is not popular with the kids today”. Do not fall for the trap! They salivate when you want to sell vintage baseball cards in NJ and you walk into their shops.

When you contact us you will receive a full appraisal on your collection based on current market value, itemized and placed into a spreadsheet for your evaluation. We will prove the value of your collection and make a offer around 50-70% of the market based upon the desirability of your collection. You owe it to yourself to  thoroughly vet and value what your collection is worth before you sell vintage baseball cards in NJ. We offer consignment services as well which can provide maximum return with none of the work.

Collectibles NJ is a professional appraisal and consignment company based in Edison NJ We have a wealth of experience with getting top dollar for collectible items either directly as buyers or as consignors. If you are looking to sell a doll collection in NJ we can come and appraise your collection and make a competitive offer to purchase or consign your dolls.  We buy all sorts of collectibles if you have a collection of anything to sell than contact us today.

You can leave a comment here if you would like and your information will not be made public. Please leave a method for us to contact  you and receive a response in less than 12 hours