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Sell Comic Books in NJ

Sell Comic Books in NJ

Do you need to sell comic books in NJ? Look no further! We buy comic books from all eras including modern, copper bronze, silver, gold. We have the experience to evaluate your collection for condition and determine eligible issues for grading. We will offer to consign or purchase them. When you have a large collection that needs a thorough evaluation to unlock its full potential that is when it is time for us to help! Don’t get cherry picked we monetize the good the bad and the ugly and everything in between. Let our experience as dealers of collectibles and memorabilia help guide you through the process of selling your collection.

We have a vast wealth of experience with large focused collections and understand the best ways to promote your collection is not always the most obvious. We will come to your location to look at your collection any where in the NY, NJ, PA, CT and OH areas for large or particularly desirable collections. No collection is too large! We are always at the top when it comes to making offers and our customers have left reviews all over the internet lauding our services,

Need to sell Comic Books in NJ? Please contact us via email using the link below or simply lace your information in the form located at the bottom of this page and your information will not be made public. We provide a variety of services for appraising your collection based on aggregate data from recent sales of your exact books. This way you know exactly what your comics are worth and exactly what you can expect to get for them. Don’t deal with super villains who want to pay well below fair market. Deal with the good guys, Collectibles NJ your one stop collectibles experts!


We know our consignment sale style is not for everyone, if you are looking for cash and a vendor who pays MORE Collectibles NJ is happy to announce we now have a strategic partnership with SUBZERO Comics. We are using them as our recommended vendor if you need to SELL your comic collection today. To contact them with collections for sale please email them directly at








Fantastic Four #48 1st Appearance of Galactus & Silver Surfer X-MEN #12 1st Appearance of the Juggernaut Aquaman #1 1962 1st solo Aquaman 1st appearance Aqualad Strange Adventures #187 1st Appearance Enchantress Amazing Spiderman #194 1st Appearance Black Cat DC Showcase #4 1st Barry Allen 1st app Silver Age Flash