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Sell Danbury Mint Collectibles in NJ

Sell Danbury Mint collectibles in NJ

The Danbury Mint is a division of MBI Inc. that markets a variety of collectibles. MBI Inc. Is an exceptionally successful, $300 million consumer products company, with and outstanding history of sales and profits since it’s founding in 1969. The Dannbury Mint was founded in Westport, Connecticut by Ted Stanley and Ralph Glendinning .Their first product was series of medals commemorating the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Danbury Mint historically marketed high quality medals and ingots produced by others exclusively for them. The company also sold numerous other collectible offering including plates, bells, sculptures, dolls, die-cast cars etc based on historical events and people(including Shirley Temple, Princess Di, Barrack Obama..). Danbury Mint is well known for their highly detailed 1:24 scale die-cast model with many working features, that was produced as a limited edition in 2006 for James Bond: Casino Royale movie. Their licenses include : Coca-Cola, John Deere, General Motors, Looney Tunes, Major League Baseball, Mars, Inc. Etc.
Danbury Mint is created to sell the best in fine collectables directly to the customer through their magazine advertising, mailings … and the internet.

Nowadays, they work mainly on internet, and is still one of the most successful collectibles stores in the world. On their website, you can find almost everything of collectibles, form cars, football, military to Christmas decorations. Products are very diversified, from historical figures, planes and other collectibles, to those modern ones. Something for everyone’s taste on one place. They are very caring about their customers. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with an product, you can simply send it back and you owe them nothing. Despite of their long tradition, they are opened for upcoming eras, and can be easily found not only on their official website. They are present on almost all social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. So anyone who is interested in collecting, can easily get in touch with their collectibles online.

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