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Sell Arranbee Dolls in NJ

Sell Arranbee Dolls in NJ

Arranbee Doll Co or R & B is one of the oldest doll makers in the USA. Based in New York They started making dolls in bisque, composition, hard plastic, rubber and vinyl. They bought early dolls from ideal like many other distributors from the time. This results in many many early dolls from the company being unmarked. They are responsible for some of the most well know vintage and antique dolls such as Nancy Lee and Nanette. They would later sell their molds to other companies as well resulting in many dolls with these faces. Dolls by Arranbee continued being produced until 1961. They were acquired by VOGUE in 1958 and phased the brand out in the next few years.

We are lucky enough to have a wealth of experience with these dolls. If you need to sell Arranbee dolls in NJ we pay very well on these wonderful antique dolls. Our experience with previous collections give us an amazing array of collectors with whom we have relationships with. This will allow us to get top dollar for your dolls. We pay right around 50-60% value for these rare antique dolls and offer even better rates on consignment. We also provide appraisals on dolls and doll collections in the NJ area and can show a history of thousands of sales to back up our opinions. We use all the available technology yo make sure that when you want to sell Arranbee dolls in NJ that you get an absolutely fair deal!

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