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Sell Effanbee Dolls in NJ


We are always in the market if you want to sell Effanbee dolls in NJ than contact us today. We buy vintage and antique dolls in hard plastic or composition from the Effanbee doll company. Please use the form below to contact us and your information will not be made public.

The Effanbee Doll Company was founded by two businessmen in 1912 in New York City. The name Effanbee stands for Fleischaker & Baum ( F & B ) after its owners. Effanbee Dolls quickly became a fixture of the 20th century and have spanned close to 100 years. The company motto became, “Dolls that Touch Your Heart.” In the late 1950’s Effanbee acquired the Belle Doll & toy company continuing to use the Belle name. The company has had a series of owners causing few short gaps in doll production and is currently owned by Tonner Dolls.

Effanbee had great success with their composition creations, most notably Patsy and her family of dolls.  Patsy was the first realistically proportioned child doll.  She had companion/family dolls, a large clothing collection and her own successful fan club. Effanbee also created the first hard rubber, drink and wet doll named DyDee Baby.

Effanbee dolls have ranged in size from about 6 inches (wee patsy) up to approximately 28 inches for some very large Mama & Baby Dolls.

The materials the Effanbee Company produced the dolls in are composition, hard rubber, hard plastic, cloth, and vinyl dolls.

A brief list of the most popular Effanbee dolls:




Dy-Dee Baby


Little Lady

Anne Shirley

American Children by Dewees Cohcran

Brenda Starr

The only bad offer is on you do not get. So if you want to sell vintage toys or a similar in collection contact us today. CollectiblesNJ offers a variety of appraisal services and will offer competitively on most lots. If you would like to contact us you can use this form in the comment section and we will not make your information public. If a collection is too large for our company we have several reputable partners who you can be referred to. You can also


Effanbee Honey Majorette
Effanbee Bride
Effanbee Bride
Effanbee Candy Kid
Effanbee Candy Kid
Honey Ann Walker
Honey Ann Walker
Patsy Jr
Patsy Jr