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Sell Goebel Hummels in NJ

Sell Goebel Hummels in NJ

Sell Goebel Hummels in NJ













Goebel Hummel produces highly collectible statues or more accurately figurines. They have been several issues of most of the figurines. You can tell them apart based on the markings located on the bottom of the figurines. We have an interest in buying all edition and collections of Hummel figurines and other types of Goebel items. These have been one of the most collected brands for a long time now. If you need to sell Goebel Hummels in NJ than you should contact us today. We can outright purchase and or consign your Hummels at top dollar or lowest fees. Condition is imperative when getting a value for your Hummels. This is why it is important that we see pictures of your figurines.  We will know the best way and quickest turnaround for selling your collection of Hummels here in NJ.

So far we have yet to see our offers get topped by other dealers.  We deal in only collectibles and have the know how and web presence to get the most eyes on your Hummels. As we all know more eyes on your items equals more dollars in your pocket. We also buy other vintage brands such as NAPCO or INARCO anything 1940s-1950s JAPAN Stamped as well as a variety of other similar period decorative or decor items.

We pay a fair value and offer personal attention. We can typically respond to inquiries in less than 12 hours and faster during regular business hours. We can be contacted via email using the link below. You also can also leave a comment in the box on the bottom of this page. We will never make your information public.

If you need to sell Goebel Hummels in NJ you need to contact us today! We can show you why we are New Jersey’s collectible experts