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Sell Golden Age Comic Books in NJ

Sell Golden Age Comic Books in NJ
Golden Age Comic Books are comics published between the mid-1930’s and the early 1950’s. The use of the term “Golden Age” to describe comics from this time reportedly comes from journalist Richard A. Lupoff in 1960. Throughout this time period, comics were first being published and became quite popular very quickly. The main focal point for these comics was the superhero character. The most famous superheroes that came out of this comic era are Superman and Batman. Today, comic books from the Golden Age are often considered collectibles. When you want to sell Golden Age Comic Books in NJ, you would benefit from using Collectibles NJ.
We have a simple process for determining the value of your collectibles, one that is always fair. We want to ensure that all our customers are pleased when they leave, and feel that the deal they got for their Golden Age Comic Books or other items was both fair and equitable. Bring your smaller collections to us, and let us come to you for larger collections. For collections over 20 items, we do on-site evaluation out of the Metuchen area of Central New Jersey. We buy a wide variety of Golden Age Comic Books and other items as well, and our industry database allows us to monitor auctions and find rare items that others cannot.
Collectibles NJ started in 2012 as a company that auctioned off storage spaces. Between then and now, we’ve made $1 million buying and consigning collectibles, all of which span over 300 genres and sub-genres. Because of this, we are a unique stand-out in this business. To get in touch with us, feel free to use the form at the bottom of every webpage, as we will NEVER sell your personal information. You can also email us or use the phone number located at the top right corner of this page. If you want to sell Golden Age Comic Books in NJ, you must use Collectibles NJ – your NJ Collectibles specialists.
We know our consignment sale style is not for everyone, if you are looking for cash and a vendor who pays MORE Collectibles NJ is happy to announce we now have a strategic partnership with SUBZERO Comics. We are using them as our recommended vendor if you need to SELL your comic collection today. To contact them with collections for sale please email them directly at