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Sell Halcyon Days in NJ

Sell Halcyon Days in NJ

The Halcyon Days company was founded in 1950 by Susan Benjamin. Originally a small antiques shop based in the Avery Row section of London England, the company specialized in English antiques, mainly small boxes made of enamel. The company became known for its rare pieces, since the practice of enameling on copper had waned by the 19th century. Two decades after it began, Benjamin joined forces with enamel manufacturer Bilston and Battersea Enamels. The company was eventually granted the status of Royal Warrant by the Queen herself and by the 1980s offered new products in materials such as porcelain and bone china. When you want to sell Halcyon Days in NJ, you would benefit from using Collectibles NJ.

Our process for determining the value of your items is both transparent and fair. Our customers always feel that they’ve gotten an equitable deal for their Halcyon Days items. For collections that consist of more than 20 items, our company offers FREE on-site appraisal. For collections with less than 20 items, you can bring your collectibles right into our storefront conveniently located in South Plainfield in Central New Jersey. We purchase all varieties of Halcyon Days collectibles, and we also have an internet database of professional means which allows us to find items that other companies cannot.

Collectibles NJ had its start in 2012 and was initially a storage auction company. Since its inception, we have bought and consigned roughly a million dollars in collectible items, spanning over 300 genres and sub-genres! This makes us stand out among other companies in our industry. If you’d like to contact us, you can call the number that appears in the upper right corner of this webpage. You can also email us or use the “contact us” form found at the bottom of all our webpages. Feel comfortable leaving comments for us, as we will never publish your person information for any reason. If you want to sell Halcyon Days in NJ, then you need Collectibles NJ – your NJ Collectibles specialists!