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Sell Lampe Berger in NJ

Sell Lampe Berger in NJ

The Lampe Berger lamp company was founded by Maurice Berger, who in 1897 received the first patent for the catalytic combustion wick. The company is the oldest in the world of its kind. Originally for use in funeral homes and hospitals, these lamps were able to convert molecules from odors (such as those in mortuaries) into substances that weren’t harmful, such as water and carbon dioxide. This was achieved by speeding up the process of decomposition. Since these lamps aren’t used for lighting anymore, they have become quite rare and are often considered collectibles. When you want to sell Lampe Berger in NJ, you would benefit from using Collectibles NJ.

We have a fair and transparent process for determining your item’s value. We want our customers to leave our store knowing that they just received the most equitable deal on their Lampe Berger collectibles. If your collection contains less than 20 items, bring it right into our storefront. We are located conveniently in the South Plainfield section of Central New Jersey. If you possess a collection that has over 20 items, take advantage of our FREE on-site appraisal! We buy all types of Lampe Berger collectible items and our professional grade web databases allow us to locate rare pieces that other companies cannot.

Collectibles NJ began in 2012 as a company specializing in storage auctions. Since that time, we’ve consigned and purchased over $1 million in collectibles, ranging 300 genres and sub-genres, making our company a stand-out in its field. To contact us, feel free to call the phone number that can be found in the upper right hand corner of this page. We are also available via email or the “contact me” form at the bottom of this and all other webpages. Our customers can leave comments for us confidently knowing that we will never publicize their personal information. If you want to sell Lampe Berger in NJ, then you need Collectibles NJ – your NJ Collectibles specialists!