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Sell Lladros in NJ

Sell Lladros in NJ

One of the rarest and most coveted collectible figurines are made by Lladros. They produce beautiful pieces using tightly guarded secret techniques for their production.  Lladros statues are all marked by the maker on the base and the different symbols and trademarks can be used to date each piece. They are given a name in English and in Spanish and have a number identifying mold on most of their figurines. While recent ones hold their value very well what collectors are really seeking are the retired ones. If you need to sell Lladros in NJ it is important you deal with a company that understands a Lladros collection and what it is worth. The retired ones are very rare unbroken because they are an extremely delicate cast of porcelain.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a collection of Lladros, Royal Doulton or Goebel Hummel figurines that you need to appraise or sell. We provide the highest buy prices on your rare figurines and collections and are well known for our customer service and fair practices.

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One thing is for sure your Lladros figurines are extremely collectible and when you want to sell Lladros in NJ area or across the country you want Collectibles NJ Your savy collectibles experts to help handle the sale! We look forward to hearing from you so don’t hesitiate, contact us today!


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