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Sell Marx Toys in NJ

Sell Marx Toys in NJ
Marx Toys were made by Louis Marx and Company, a toy manufacturing company with roots in New York City. The company was founded in 1919 by Louis Marx and did business for nearly six decades. Their success is said to stem from their devotion to quality at a fair price. Marx raised enough money himself and focused on how to make popular toys less expensive for the consumer. Eventually, he managed to revamp previously released toys such as Zippo the Climbing Monkey, and make small changes so that the toys would sell better to a wider audience. Along with his brother David, Louis Marx was able to create a company that was prolific in toy sales. When you want to sell Marx Toys in NJ, you would benefit from using Collectibles NJ.
In order to determine the value of your collectibles, our company uses a transparent process that is always fair. We want nothing more than for every customer to part ways with us knowing that the deal they received on their Marx Toys and other items was an equitable one. Bring your collections of 20 items or less right to our storefront in South Plainfield NJ. For collections with more than 20 items, we offer FREE on-site appraisals! We purchase a variety of Marx Toys as well as other collectibles, and our professional web databases permit us to locate the rarest items that our competitors cannot.
The Collectibles NJ company had its start in 2012 as a company that auctioned off storage space. Since then, we’ve amassed over $1 million from consigning and purchasing collectible items, covering 300 genres and sub-genres. This makes us a stand-out in this business. You can easily reach us via email, or call us at the phone number located in the upper right hand corner of this page. You can also contact us using the “contact me” form at the bottom of this and all webpages on the site. Feel confident leaving comments for us as we will never publicize or sell your personal information. If you want to sell Marx Toys in NJ, then you need Collectibles NJ – your NJ Collectibles specialists!