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Sell Royal Doulton Figurines in NJ


While most would argue that Goebel Hummels are the most collectible figurine; Royal Doulton continues to be desirable and does a good job of holding its value. This is especially true of the vintage pieces. Though better known for their variety of designer pieces the figures and figurines can bring in pretty decent prices. If you have inherited a collection or are simply a collector looking to downsize or retire their collection please contact us. If you need to sell Royal Doulton figurines in NJ then contact COLLECTIBLES NJ today.

Condition is a big issue when evaluating the value of Royal Doulton figurines. They are very fragile and often suffer from crazing. Crazing is thin spidering lines appearing on many figurines from the period. It can be caused by cold, heat or by defects in the mixture. Royal Doulton items vary greatly as the company has existed in several different capacities dating all the way back to 1815. Their items include but are not limited to:

  • ¬†dinnerware
  • giftware
  • cookware,
  • glassware
  • collectables,
  • jewellery,
  • Figurines
  • Dinnerware

When selling speculative collectibles it is important that the dealer you choose have a specialty in collectible items. Unlike other dealers who can be pushy or make lowball offers we fairly price your items based on exact match information and not using any sort of bulk formula. If you would like to contact us there are several ways to reach us.

You may email us at (

Call us at (848-260-0404) Leave a message if we are in the field

You may also get in touch through the web form located in this page. Rest assured that your information will never be made public.

If you need professional services when you need to sell Royal Doulton figurines in NJ than contact us today and find out why we are hands down the NJ Collectibles specialists.


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