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Sell Sports Memorabilia in NJ

Have a diverse collection of sports memorabilia? Want to sell sports memorabilia in NJ or anywhere in the USA!

We are exactly who you are looking for. We buy sports cards, autographs, photos, uniforms, cleats, helmets, gloves, boxing gloves,baseball cards, stadium memorabilia and basically anything else with intrinsic value relating to any and all sporting events from 1900-1980 and 2003-2013. Baseball, Football or Basketball.  We have experience with all sorts of sports memorabilia. We know the best place to sell it for the top dollar. We pay between 50 and 70% of its IMMEDIATE RESALE VALUE. This means whatever it can get (NET) if sold at current market value. We are liquidators and can sell bulk as well as individual pieces.

We offer the following services if you want to sell sports memorabilia in NJ.



Cash Consignments

We also may take a speculative position and pay for grading of your cards with a signed contract with our company to sell you cards. A lot of dealers and buyers of vintage memorabilia will insist on trying to buy at 20% of market. They have outdated prices and techniques for selling and promoting their items. When you deal with us you deal with someone who knows how to point an above average amount of eyes at your items. Through our relationships at forums, our personal rolo-dex and our knowledge of SEO our listings usually trend towards the higher averages on speculative collectible items. We will travel to see significant collections and can provide internet appraisal services for your collection and out turnaround time on liquidating collections is very fast.

If you want personal attention and the LOWEST rates consider our consignment services.