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Sell Vintage Toys in NJ

Sell Vintage Toys in NJ

We are always in the market to appraise and purchase vintage toys collections. These can range from Victorian era all the way up to the 1980s. We will also purchase modern toys in bulk as well if they are desirable in the market. Whether you want to sell vintage toys in NJ, consign them or get them appraised Collectibles NJ is a leader in working with these kind of items.

In the past 2 years we have handled the sale of several large collections and as with most of our buys we are light years ahead of the competition. The market for toys has changed but is still very strong for vintage items. We are one of the only companies that when you want to sell vintage toys in NJ will come to you and take the time to appraise a large portion of your collection to develop a fair and equitable offer for your items. We buy a huge variety of items from low end to more expensive items. Some examples of items we buy are:


Action Figures

Die Cast Vehicles

TV Cartoon

and Movie related toys

Vintage Marx or Superior Tin Toys or similar

Rare or oddball toys

Radio control Cars

Army related toys


The only bad offer is on you do not get. So if you want to sell vintage toys or a similar in collection contact us today. CollectiblesNJ offers a variety of appraisal services and will offer competitively on most lots. If you would like to contact us you can use this form in the comment section and we will not make your information public. If a collection is too large for our company we have several reputable partners who you can be referred to. You can also


and please visit us on ebay to see our inventory which can contain almost anything!

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Big Loo
Big LOO Rare Marx Tin Toy