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Sell Gi Joes In NJ


GI JOES; originally very popular in the 1960s-70s are one of the most collectible and diverse types of action figures. Many parents when they had kids of their own were happy to see their children would get to enjoy GI JOES as well when Hasbro re-released the series in the early 1980s. That generation is now growing up has quickly made collecting of the 3 3/4 figures one of the hottest hobbies around!  From commons for army building to rares for collecting purposes this hobby shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. So many pieces were broken or lost they are actually must scarcer in collector condition than you might think

We are now actively purchasing GI JOE action figures of both the 3 3/4 and the 12″ figures. We will offer competitively on lots of loose or on card figures and vehicles.  As with many other collectible items it is important that any dealer you might choose has a specialty in collectibles. We are on top of the market for many toys and can either offer ourselves or refer you to another merchant who will be interested in your lot. Collectibles NJ deals only in collectibles unlike others we will pay the best possible prices for your toys.

Do you need to sell gi joes in NJ? Have some toys from your kids or your own childhood collecting dust? Want to know if your toys are worth dollars or dimes? Then contact us today.

Collectibles NJ will be happy to accept inquiries if you need to sell GI JOES in NJ. We can see smaller lots at our store located in Edison NJ or come to you to see larger lots. Do not hesitate to find out for yourself why we are the NEW JERSEY collectibles specialists.

We can be contacted via email ( or by phone (located on our homepage) you may also leave a comment in the form at the bottom of this page we will not publicize your information


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