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Sell Waterford Crystal in NJ


Do you need to Sell Waterford Crystal in NJ. Some people might try craigslist but with valuable items like these do you really want to invite questionable people to your home? You might get undesirables or insulting offers. How about your local antique shop? Most of these kind of dealers pay only pennies on the doll for your valuable items. They also can be less than honest about the values of your items. We will show you EXACTLY how we will value your items.


Do you want a better solution if you want or need to Sell Waterford Crystal in NJ? Collectibles NJ has a transparent process for valuing and appraising your collectible items. We can show you via confirmed sale data the true items of your crystal items. For larger or difficult to move and fra
gile collections we can even travel to your location FREE. Our convenient and honest process is one of a kind in the resale business. We are only interesting in purchasing crystal that is marked and in excellent condition. We purchase vintage or modern pieces.  Collections of 20 or more pieces can be brought to our location or photographed and sent via email or text. Larger collections please contact us for your free on site appraisal and valuation. We respond very quickly and often can complete a deal with 24-48 hours of our visit all based around your busy schedule!

So whether you are downsizing, moving, retiring or have just inherited a collection we offer a variety of services custom suited to meet the needs of the 2010’s era crystal owner in today’s market. We are a one of a kind company specializing in all aspects of collectibles, fine art and many other genres.

You may contact us at 848260-0404 we are also available via email at